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    Dreamer says:

    Hi there Gary,

    I have a two questions,

    1. Is it going to be always vague from now on the guidelines to buy or sell…? To me it is much less effective this way, many times I don’t have time to read all updates and am looking for the bottom line which you always knew to outline towards the end…

    2. Any plans for relaunching another quest? It looks like it should be a good timing no?


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    johan.arvsten says:

    Hello Gary,
    I would be very interested to hear your take on “the dollar milk-shake theory”


    This piece from GPF supports the theory I think

    Could it be, that the aborted ICL in USD actually is more of a result from the process described in this theory rather than a deliberate act to push down the EUR for example?

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      gary says:

      Sounds like another of the dollar to the moon nuts. These guys have been spouting this for almost 2 years now.

      The fact is the 3 year cycle in the dollar is starting to get mature and the dollar still hasn’t been able to break out to new highs.

      The only thing holding the dollar up was raising interest rates and the threat of higher interest rates. Now the only thing holding up the dollar is the ECB and BOJ trying to keep their currencies suppressed against the dollar. At some point we’re going to have to suffer the consequences of trillions in QE. I can’t see how those consequences can be a strong dollar.

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    mimi says:

    Gary, I can’t find any fee paid to you for a while. Just making sure you got my card information or you did not forget processing the fee. Thanks.

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    Alomd says:

    I found this post through the recent comments.
    Is there some where i should be for your latest post?

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